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生物科学类( 共有期刊资料 40 本 )
Current Zoology(非官网)
  • 期刊名称:Current Zoology
  • 曾用刊名:动物学报(英文版)
  • 主管单位:中国科学院
  • 主办单位:中国科学院动物研究所;中国动物学会
  • 出刊周期:双月刊
  • 出版地:北京市
  • 语言种类:英文
  • 开本尺寸:16开
  • 创刊时间:1935年
  • 邮发代号:2-497
  • 国际标准刊号:1674-5507
  • 国内统一刊号:11-2794/Q
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  • 知网综合影响因子:0.185
  • 万方影响因子:0.102
  • 万方总被引频次:1181
  • 主编:王祖望
  • 单价:168元/期
  • 定价:1008元/期
  • 业务类型:杂志征订
    Current Zoology杂志是由中华人民共和国新闻出版总署、正式批准公开发行的优秀期刊。自创刊以来,以新观点、新方法、新材料为主题,坚持"期期精彩、篇篇可读"的理念。Current Zoology内容详实、观点新颖、文章可读性强、信息量大,众多的栏目设置,Current Zoology公认誉为具有业内影响力的杂志之一。Current Zoology并获中国优秀期刊奖,现中国期刊网数据库全文收录期刊。
  《Current Zoology》本刊是由中国科学院动物研究所、中国动物学会主办的动物学综合性学术期刊。刊登生态学(含各分支)和行为学、动物地理学、进化生物学、动物的生殖、发育和衰老、生理学和生物化学 、细胞学、遗传学和分子生物学以及动物形态学等方面有创造性的研究论文。被《中国科学文献数据库》、《中国科学引文索引》、《剑桥科学文摘》、《生殖文献目录》、《WHO医学公报》等国内外多家检索系统收录。
  《Current Zoology》本刊读者对象:国内、外动物学领域的科研人员、大专院校师生,医药、农、林、牧、渔业生产单位的科研和技术人员。
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Current Zoology杂志主要栏目:
Current Zoology联系方式:
Current Zoology杂志部份目录:
Horseshoe crab behavior:Patterns and processes
Telomeres:Linking stress and survival,ecology and evolution
Reproductive behavior in horseshoe crabs:Does density matter?
Loss of CO_2 sensing by the olfactory system of CNGA3 knockout mice
Understanding the basic biology underlying the flavor world of children
Central pattern generation underlying Limulus rhythmic behavior patterns
Developmental ecology of the American horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus
Circadian regulation of Limulus visual functions:A role for octopamine and cAMP
Neurobiology of mammalian olfactory learning that occurs during sensitive periods
Redox physiology in animal function:The struggle of living in an oxidant environment
Male horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus use multiple sensory cues to locate mates
Sources and significance of variation in basal,summit and maximal metabolic rates in birds
On the intraspecific variability in basal metabolism and the food habits hypothesis in birds
Activity budget of Rhinopithecus bieti at Tibet:Effects of day length,temperature and food availability
Spatial and temporal variation of fish assemblages in a subtropical small stream of the Huangshan Mountain
Orientation of larval and juvenile horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus to visual cues: Effects of chemical odors
Roles of the main olfactory and vomeronasal systems in the detection of androstenone in inbred strains of mice
Demography and dynamics of mountain nyala Tragelaphus buxtoni in the Bale Mountains National Park,Ethiopia
Covariation between personalities and individual differences in coping with stress:Converging evidence and hypotheses
Seasonal movements of American horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus in the Great Bay Estuary,New Hampshire (USA)
Application of heat shock protein expression for detecting natural adaptation and exposure to stress in natural populations
Karyological and morphometric variation of the North African green frog Pelophylax saharicus (Anura) in northeastern Africa
Leaf choice in black-and-white snub-nosed monkeys Rhinopithecus bieti is related to the physical and chemical properties of leaves
Flank gland-secreted putative chemosignals pertaining to photoperiod,endocrine states,and sociosexual behavior in golden hamsters
Behavioral and physiological flexibility are used by birds to manage energy and support investment in the early stages of reproduction
High resolution tracking of adult horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus in a New Hampshire estuary using fixed array ultrasonic telemetry
Circatidal rhythms of locomotion in the American horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus: Underlying mechanisms and cues that influence them
Intensive use of an intertidal mudflat by foraging adult American horseshoe crabs Limulus polyphemus in the Great Bay estuary, New Hampshire
Age and sex specific timing, frequency, and spatial distribution of horseshoe crab spawning in Delaware Bay:Insights from a large-scale radio telemetry array
Seasonal movement of the American horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus in a semi-enclosed bay on Cape Cod,Massachusetts (USA) as determined by acoustic telemetry